PSD2 Single Payment Initiation

With the PSD2 Single Payment Initiation API, Certified Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) can create a seamless journey for your users while providing them full control throughout the process, the account holder can always decide which payments are executed.

You can initiate a single credit transfer on behalf of your users using a Rabobank payment account. You can also retrieve the status of the initiated transaction to keep track.

This API can be used through your app or web service.

The API is suited for one-time or recurring single Euro Payments (SEPA) and World Payments (non SEPA). Euro Payments will be credited directly in case the beneficiary bank participates in Instant Payments.

For more information, read PSD2 Single Payment API flow.


Access to Rabobank accounts
Initiate single payments
PSD2 compliant

Working with Rabobank

The product is designed for use by Certified Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs).

To ensure a smooth start with the PSD2 Single Payment Initiation API, your business should meet the following conditions:

  • High degree of automation.
  • Professional IT environment and good infrastructure.
  • Permanently available security expertise to use PSD2 Single Payment Initiation APIs and safeguarding its security.

Connecting with PSD2 Single Payment Initiation

To connect with PSD2 Single Payment Initiation you need the following:

  • A eIDAS QSEAL certificate. 
  • a Qualified Certificate for Website Authentication (QWAC) certificate. 

You can use the certificates issued by the Qualified Trust Service Provider of your choice.

As a Certified Account Information Service Provider you require:

  • Authorization of the National Competent Authority in order to be able to use the APIs.


You can start using our PSD2 APIs by creating a Sandbox account and for Production you can register yourself using our Enrollment API.