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PSD2 Enrollment

Our PSD2 enrollment product enables certified parties to enroll themselves automatically at Rabobank. When successful a production account will be created on our developer portal which gives you access to the PSD2 API products.


PSD2 compliant

How does it work?

The enrollment API requires an email address to be supplied as a parameter. If the call was successful a production account will be created on our developer portal with the supplied email address as username. An activation link will be sent by email within 8 working hours after the API call was made. The activation link itself will be valid for 24 hours after the email is sent.

The developer portal gives you access to all documentation of the PSD2 API products. You will also be able to register your application there and subscribe to the API products.

The user that is initially created is able to create more users in case you need them. We advise you to create a second account to prevent lockouts in case you do not have access to your email account anymore. We cannot change the email address of an account once it has been created. The user can only do that himself.

Who can use it?

The product is designed for use by certified Payment Initiation and Account Information Service Providers (PISPs and AISPs).

What do you need?

Before you are able to use the PSD2 enrollment product be mindful of the following prerequisites:

  1. have a valid registration at your National Competent Authority (NCA) that allows you to act as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) or as a Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP).
  2. have a valid incoming passport for the Netherlands in case your NCA is not in the Netherlands.
  3. have a PSD2 eIDAS QSEAL certificate. Note that because PSD2 eIDAS QSEAL certificates are not available yet, a standard eIDAS QSEAL certificate will be accepted for now as well.
  4. ensure that the statutory name of the company in the NCA registry and in the (CN field of the) QSeal Certificate are fully identical.

To use a QSeal certificate, additional requirements may be set by the Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP). Please contact a QTSP for more details.

You can find a list of QTSPs in the Trusted List Browser (

Rabobank understands that having the right tools is essential to bring your ideas to life. Use the Developer Portal to get access to our API’s and start creating now.