PSD2 Bulk Payment Initiation

The PSD2 Bulk Payment Initiation product provides certified parties with access to their clients’ payment accounts to initiate bulk payments in a safe and secure way. Create a seamless journey for your clients, who remain in full control throughout. The account holder always decides who gains access.


Access to Rabobank accounts
Initiate bulk payments
PSD2 compliant

What is Bulk Payment Initiation?

With the Bulk Payment Initiation API, you can initiate bulk payments by means of sending payment order files through API’s on behalf of your organisations from a Rabobank business payment account to other accounts. 

The API can only be used through your web service to optimize your customer journey. To send payment order files you need approval from the account holder first. The current version is suited for payment files (PAIN.001) which may contain batches with (urgent) Euro Payments (SEPA) and (urgent) Cross Border Payments (non-SEPA).

You can retrieve the status of the submitted bulk and the individual payments via the status request endpoint that provides a PAIN.002 file.

Who can use it?

The product is designed for use by Certified Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs).

What do you need?

As a Certified Payment initiation Service Provider you require:

  • Authorization of the National Competent Authority in order to be able to use the APIs.
  • Our PSD2 enrollment product which enables certified parties to enroll themselves automatically at Rabobank.
  • Consent from the accountholder 

How does the Bulk API work?

  1. Prior sending payment order files, the account holder must give approval to the PISP for sending payment files to Rabobank on behalf of their organisation for the specified payment account(s). This approval is continuous
  2. The PISP sends payment order files (containing batches with payment orders) via the PIS Bulk Initiation API
  3. The Rabobank provides the PISP with the status on the submitted bulk upload (‘’RECEIVED’’ or ‘’REJECTED’’)
  4. If the status is ‘’RECEIVED’’, Rabobank will provide the PISP a URL which can be used by the customer to authorize the bulk payments for execution 
  5. The PISP directs the customer to Rabobank by means of the provided URL (note: for large PAIN files it can take up to 90 seconds before the payment can be signed)
  6. The customer will authenticate itself in the in the secured and trusted Rabobank environment
  7. The customer authorizes the bulk payment in the secured and trusted Rabobank environment*
  8. After a successful authorisation, Rabobank will start processing the bulk files
  9. The customer is directed back to the PISP
  10. The PISP can retrieve the status of the individual payments in the batches through PAIN-002

* A possible second signature for the bulk payment can only be authorized within Rabo Internet Banking (Professional).  

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