Account Information

The Account Information product provides certified parties access to a user’s current account information with user consent. You can use the Account Information APIs to gain access to an account (with user consent) to view their account balance and payment transactions history.

This provides access to Rabobank payment accounts and supplies the following APIs:

Accounts AIS

The account number and name of the accountholder.

Balances AIS

The actual balance present on the account. The account holder always provides access for a 90 day period.

Transactions AIS

The last 90 days of transaction history.

The account holder always provides access for a 90 day period during which all the transactions and details over the last 90 days will be exchanged via the API. After expiration the account holder will need to renew access to the information using strong customer authentication  (SCA). The account holder can revoke access to the account via Rabo Online Bankieren at any time.

Full transaction history

The account holder can provide a one-time access to the entire online available history of transactions.


Access to Rabobank payment accounts
Secure and fast
PSD2 compliant

Working with Rabobank

This product is designed for use by Certified Account Information Service Providers (AISPs)’

Connecting with Account Information

To connect with Account Information you need the following:

  • A eIDAS QSEAL certificate. 
  • a Qualified Certificate for Website Authentication (QWAC) certificate. 

You can use the certificates issued by the Qualified Trust Service Provider of your choice.

As a Certified Account Information Service Provider you require:

  • Authorization of the National Competent Authority in order to be able to use the APIs.
  • Consent from the accountholder.


You can start using our PSD2 APIs by creating a Sandbox account and for Production you can register yourself using our Enrollment API.

You require an approval from the account holder before retrieving the account information . You can request for the approval by using our OAuth 2.0 Services API.

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