Rabo Smart Pay - Merchant API services


The Merchant API services is a collection of APIs that allow developers to access functionality of Smart Pay. The purpose of this collection is to enable Smart Pay merchants to connect their back office systems to Smart Pay.

At this time the API consist of 2 endpoints. One of the endpoints exposes functionality to query transactions within a merchant’s contract of any type (payments, refunds, deposits, etc.) using a set of filters. The other endpoint allows the merchant to initiate a refund for a payment transaction. The API collection will be expanded in the future to expose additional functionality. All APIs are organized around REST principles. JSON is used to encode request and response messages.


The Merchant API services can be used only by Smart Pay merchants.

You can use the contact form here to register your Rabo Smart Pay contract for these API services.

The support team will send you an e-mail to confirm your account.

After confirmation you are able to create your app on this portal and subscribe to the Smart Pay merchant API. Then you are ready to start implementing the API calls as specified in the technical documentation.

Security measures

You have to implement security measures to ensure a safe transport of your Smart Pay data.

  • Setup Two Factor Authentication (TFA) for enhanced account security
  • Upload your TLS client certificate in PEM format

Specific merchant data to be used in filter options

The API for transaction downloads has a filter option on most of the data provided, to select for example only the data for a specific shop / commercial unit / terminal. This filter uses the id’s of the entities, not the names given by you as a merchant. You can find the id’s in your Smart Pay Dashboard: Beheer/Contract/Uitbetalingsomschrijvingen.