SmartPin Backend API

The SmartPin Backend API provides a solution towards merchants, so that they can create, read, update and delete content in the backend of Rabo SmartPin via their own software instead of only via the Rabo SmartPin app and it also enables the merchant to upload content in batches.


Manage your data

Rabo SmartPin is an innovative product offered by Rabobank to their merchant customers. The product consists of a mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) device, coupled together with a mobile app. Merchants may use this solution to collect payments while in the shop or while on the go. The mobile app provides a host of features including but not limited to day totals, managing receipts and a map overview. The mPOS device and supporting infrastructure are provided by Aevi Gmbh. The iOS and Android apps are developed by Move4Mobile B.V.

Within the Rabo SmartPin app, you organize and structure your own shop:

  • Create your own employee structure (accounts including roles)
  • Create a product catalog which can be used (products and categories)
  • Fulfil transactions (including a customizable receipt)
  • Get insights in turnover
  • Settings per shop (shop-specific settings and an overview of the shop structure)

All the data which is stated above is saved in the SmartPin backend. This backend can only be reached at the moment via the Rabo SmartPin app. This API enables the merchant to manage their data in SmartPin within their own application/software.

Who can use it?

This API is designed for use by merchants who want to manage their SmartPin data within their own application/software.

What do you need to start using it?

Which steps are required before you can make use of the Rabo SmartPin Backend API?

  1. As a contract owner or administrator, open the Rabo SmartPin app and log in with your account
  2. Go to settings
  3. Select options for developers
  4. Enable ‘Allow SDK access’

When you have enabled the SDK access (as a contract owner or administrator), you get:

  • Client ID
  • Client secret
  • Possibility to realise an access token (validity of 7 days)

When you want to make use of the SmartPin backend API solution after you have integrated it in the software, it is required that you login as a contract owner or administrator.