Rabobank Identity Services - SurePay

Rabo Identity Services offers a SurePay API for businesses that want to perform IBAN Name Check combinations. The SurePay API verifies if the combination of the name and IBAN matches with the data of the bank and validates if the account is active. In addition, the SurePay API shows whether the account is registered as a business or private account and indicates how many account holders there are for this IBAN.

Integrating the SurePay API in your business process results in more efficiency and reduces the risk of errors or fraud. Your users experience an effortless onboarding and you can validate that you are interacting with the right person and/or organization. 

In addition to the IBAN and Name Check, the SurePay API also offers the following validation services:

  • Company ID Check - The Company ID check validates if the chamber of commerce number matches with the Company ID known at the bank. This way you know if the registered company and bank account are the same. 
  • VAT Check - The VAT Check validates whether the VAT number provided matches the company or trade name. This helps you check the validity of all basic/stem data of your creditor, which is now mandatory for an invoice.
  • Switch Check - The Switch Check provides the new user IBAN when the user moves to a new bank. This helps you to update the account details of your customer.   
  • Account Age Check -  Money mules and fraudsters are known to use newly opened bank accounts, which means recent opened accounts have a higher risk of being used in a fraudulent transaction. The Account Age Check shows the age of an account since the date of its opening. You can do additional checks to make sure no fraud can be conducted.
  • Cross-border Check - The IBAN-Name Check on international accounts. This enables you to check that the account information entered matches the intended beneficiary when initiating cross-border payments.


IBAN and Name check
User validation
KvK check

Working with Rabobank

To ensure a smooth start with the SurePay API, your business should meet the following conditions:

  • Good understanding of the SurePay API as described in the API specifications.
  • Professional IT environment and good infrastructure.

Connecting with SurePay API

To connect with the SurePay API you need the following:

  • A TLS certificate to connect with Rabobank, as this requires mTLS

Rabobank accepts:

  • EV SSL certificates from the certificate issuers listed in the Mozilla CA Certificate report.
  • X.509 format
  • RSA: key length should be at least 2048-bit
  • Certificate should be valid for a maximum of one year.


In order to get started, Rabobank offers a Sandbox account that can be used to explore the functionality of the API. After signing the contract and offer for Rabo Identity Services, you are granted access to the pre-production environment for your end-to-end testing. This is to ensure everything runs smoothly before production release. During this stage Rabobank actively assists you throughout the implementation process, a dedicated Rabobank Implementation manager is available for you during the implementation of the SurePay API.

After the contract for this service is signed, you will get access to the pre-production & production environments.

Get in touch

To connect with the SurePay API, contact your Rabobank Account Manager or contact us through the Rabobank Developer Portal.