Rabobank Identity Services - Onfido

The Onfido API is an offering of Rabo Identity Services to identify users based on an identity document. Onfido supports 4.600 different identity documents from 195 different countries and therefore has a broad geographical coverage.

This API offers extensive capabilities to identify users, verify the authenticity of the document, and reduce the risk of identity fraud.

To gain more certainty about the user's identity, the identity verification can be expanded with a biometric verification and/or liveness verification. Facial recognition can also be used to determine whether the user matches their identity document.

Onfido does not process identity documents of natural persons under the age of 16.


Document verification
Biometric verification
Liveness verification

Attribute overview

The final result of a successful verification contains multiple parameters, which reflect the outcome of the verification. The following attributes are derived from the identity document (if present) and are returned as part of the user identification:

  • First name 
  • Last name
  • Date of expiry
  • Issuing authority
  • Issuing country
  • Gender
  • Document number
  • Date of birth
  • Personal number
  • Date of issue
  • Document type
  • Nationality

Working with Rabobank

To ensure a smooth start with the Onfido API, your business should meet the following conditions:

  • Good understanding of the Onfido API, as described in the API specifications.
  • Professional IT environment and good infrastructure.

Connecting with the Onfido API

To connect with the Onfido API you need the following:

  • A TLS certificate to connect with Rabobank, as this requires mTLS.

Rabobank accepts:

  • EV SSL certificates from the certificate issuers listed in the Mozilla CA Certificate report.
  • 509 format
  • RSA: key length should be at least 2048-bit
  • Certificate should be valid for a maximum of one year.


Rabobank actively assists customers throughout the implementation process.

A dedicated Rabobank Implementation manager is assigned to you during the implementation of the Onfido API.

Rabobank offers you a Sandbox account for your end-to-end testing to ensure everything runs smoothly for production.

After signing the contract, you get access to the production API where you can connect the API to your application.

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