Rabobank Identity Services - iDIN

iDIN API is an offering of Rabo Identity Services for businesses that want to identify their users through the iDIN scheme. With iDIN, users can Log in, Identify themselves, and Confirm their age.

The user has an advantage in the online banking environment of their own issuing bank, because the banks can provide certainty about their identity as they have identified the user when it became a customer.

The iDIN scheme supports the following methods:

  • Full identification of the user - All attributes known to the issuing bank are shared with the merchant, including a Bank Identification Number (BIN) for use in recurring authentications.
  • Recurring authentication of the user - Only the BIN is shared. This can be linked to a previous identification.
  • Age verification - Determine if the user is 18+ (either true or false).

Attribute overview

Depending on the chosen method, different attributes are available in the API response. 

iDIN supports the following methods:

  • Consumer ID (“BIN”) – Bank Identification Number (unique for each Merchant)
  • First name initial
  • Last name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Age confirmation (18 years old: yes/no) – only available through the age check transaction.


Age verification

Working with Rabobank

To ensure a smooth start with the iDIN API, your business should meet the following conditions:

  • Good understanding of the iDIN API, as described in the API specifications.
  • Professional IT environment and good infrastructure.

Connecting with the iDIN API

To connect with the iDIN API you need the following:

  • A TLS certificate to connect with Rabobank, as this requires mTLS

Rabobank accepts:

  • EV SSL certificates from the certificate issuers listed in the Mozilla CA Certificate report.
  • 509 format
  • RSA: key length should be at least 2048-bit
  • Certificate should be valid for a maximum of one year.


Rabobank actively assists customers throughout the implementation process.

A dedicated Rabobank Implementation manager is assigned to you during the implementation of the iDIN API.

Rabobank offers you a Sandbox account for your end-to-end testing to ensure everything runs smoothly for production.

After signing the contract, you get access to the production API where you can connect the API to your application.

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