Rabo Identity Services - itsme

The itsme® API is an offering of Rabo Identity Services for businesses that want to identify their users based on itsme.

Itsme is a digital ID, which users can use to identify and authenticate themselves using the Itsme app available on the App Store or Google Play Store, on their mobile devices. Itsme is an initiative of Belgian Mobile ID, a consortium of four major Belgian banks (Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING, KBC) and Belgian network operators.  itsme® is mainly used in Belgium but also available in the Netherlands.

To use Itsme, the users should be 18 years or older, own a smartphone and a Belgian eID or a Dutch ID with NFC. Itsme can also be used to legally sign documents, this functionality is covered as part of the Sign API available on the Rabobank Developer Portal.

Using this API, you confirm the identify your customers during the onboarding process, verify the age of a user or perform an 18+ check, receive (validated) personal data, have customers log in, update customer data, and have documents signed online at a qualified level. With itsme, your customers can safely share their data with you and have it prefilled and you can further supplement or update existing customer data to (re)identify your customers due to laws and regulations quickly and easily. This way you can offer your customers convenience and a better online customer experience


Identification service
Authentication service
Signature Service

Working with Rabobank

To ensure a smooth start with the Itsme API, your business should meet the following conditions:

  • Good understanding of the Itsme API, as described in the API specifications.
  • Professional IT environment and good infrastructure.

Connecting with the Itsme API

To connect with the Itsme API you need the following:

  • A TLS certificate to connect with Rabobank, as this requires mTLS.

Rabobank accepts:

  • EV SSL certificates from the certificate issuers listed in the Mozilla CA Certificate report.
  • 509 format
  • RSA: key length should be at least 2048-bit
  • Certificate should be valid for a maximum of one year.


Rabobank actively assists customers throughout the implementation process.

A dedicated Rabobank Implementation manager is assigned to you during the implementation of the Itsme API.

Rabobank offers you a Sandbox account for your end-to-end testing to ensure everything runs smoothly for production.

After signing the contract, you get access to the production API where you can connect the API to your application.

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