Payment Request 1.0

You can use the Payment Request APIs to request payment links from Rabobank using the (accounting or other) software application you have developed. This allows you to integrate the creation of payment links into the billing process.

There are multiple use cases for Payment Requests. You can use payment request in Service Desk applications, so that you can send a payment request while you are chatting, or on the phone with a customer. This way your customer can pay immediately.
Furthermore you can use Payment Request for accounts receivable and invoicing processes.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Payment Request use cases and what we can do for you. 

The Payment Request API is in pilot with a limited set of customers.
Until further notice it is not possible to apply for production access to the Payment Request API.
Interested in using Payment Requests? Please share your contact details so that we can inform you about future product developments.
Contact details can be shared through the contact form.



Send by text, WhatsApp or social media
Funds immediately credited to your business account
Also convenient as a payment reminder

How does it work?

You can use Payment Request in your own company software so that your company can collect money with payment links.
You can use Payment Request in your software product. The users of your software product that are Rabobank account holders,  can directly send links without using the Rabo Banking App or website. Both business and retail account holders can collect money using payment links. To receive payments by using the Payment Request APIs the following steps must be completed:
  1. Request a payment link through the API
  2. Send the payment link by email, text, WhatsApp or social media
  3. The receiver of the payment link pays directly with iDEAL
  4. Request the status of your Payment Requests, (are they paid, unpaid or expired)
  5. The amount is credited to your account immediately upon payment
  6. Delete a Payment request so it cannot be paid anymore

Differences between business and retail payment request

Rabobank customers can create payment requests for business or retail accounts via the API. Keep in mind the following differences between business and retail users when developing your software.

  Business Retail
Maximum amount € 5,000 € 750
Link can be used Once Unlimited
Link expires after 100 days 60 days
Add a client reference Optional Not supported
Indicate the number of payers Not supported Optional
More information (in Dutch) Business Payment Request Retail Payment Request

What do you need?

You require a Rabobank business account to use the Payment Request API.

Rabobank understands that having the right tools is essential to bring your ideas to life. Use the Developer Portal to get access to our API’s and start creating now.