Business Single Payment Initiation

Business Single Payment Initiation is a solution for third parties who support accounting and bookkeeping for their clients. For example, you provide services that support the financial administration of a Rabobank business accountholder.

This API allows your clients (with a Rabobank business account) to process single payments through your application using Rabobank.

This API is in the ideation stage and the goal is to collect your feedback. The implementation of this API is not yet possible.

This API will be a part of Rabo BoekhoudKoppeling in the future.


Access to Rabobank accounts
Initiate single payments
Automated payments

Working with Rabobank

To ensure a smooth start with the Business Single Payment Initiation API, your business should meet the following conditions:

  • High degree of automation.
  • Professional IT environment and good infrastructure.
  • Permanently available security expertise to use Business Single payment Initiation API and safeguarding its security.

Connecting with Business Single Payment Initiation

To connect with Business Single Payment Initiation you need the following:

  • An EV SSL certificate for transport.
  • An EV SSL signing certificate for signing messages.
  • An active Rabobank business account.

Rabobank accepts:

  • EV SSL certificates from the certificate issuers listed in the Mozilla CA Certificate report.
  • X.509 format
  • RSA: key length should be at least 2048-bit
  • Certificate should be valid for a maximum of one year.

You are responsible for the application, certificate purchases, and other costs involved.

You may use duplicate certificates but they must comply with all the listed requirements.

You can open a Rabobank business account through our website.

Get in touch

Contact us to provide your feedback for the Business Single Payment Initiation API.

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