When an API is called, different HTTP status codes are returned by the gateway to indicate whether the request was successful. An error response code can have multiple causes. Below the error response codes and possible causes are listed.

401 Unauthorized
  • The required client id or client secret has not been successfully provided.
  • The application is not registered with the plan that is used.
  • The application is not active.
  • The TLS certificate was not provided in the developer portal.
  • The TLS certificate does not match the one provided in the developer portal, or no certificate was added to the API call.

403 Forbidden

  • CONSENT_INVALID - The consent is invalid or revoked by user.
  • FORBIDDEN - The required permissions or scopes are not present.
404 Not Found The API URL was not found.
405 Method Not Allowed The API URL was found, but no operation was found that supports the requested HTTP verb.
406 Not Acceptable The API cannot produce any responses that are supported by the application.
429 Too Many Requests The rate limit has been exceeded for the plan or operation being used.
500 Internal Server Error An error occurred while executing this request.
503 Service Unavailable An error occurred while executing this request.