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Availability of the PSD2 API Channel

This page provides an updated overview of the statistics defined in the guidelines by the EBA.
If you are interested in the daily data of the third quarter of 2020 you can view it here

Availability and success rate of the PSD2 APIs

The table below contains the monthly availability and the monthly success rate of all PSD2 APIs combined. To compare these figures with the conventional channels please check the Rabobank website.

UptimeSuccess rate
January 202199.95%99.87%
December 2020100.00%99.98%
November 202099.65%99.96%
October 202099.82%99.76%
September 2020100.00%99.96%
August 2020100.00%99.96%
July 2020100.00%99.95%
June 202099.08%99.91%
May 2020100.00%99.93%
April 202099.99%99.86%
March 202099.99%99.89%
February 202099.92%99.85%


Performance of the PSD2 APIs

The table below contains the monthly average performance in ms per PSD2 API.

Accounts AISBalances AISTransactions AISConfirmation Availability FundsSingle Payment InitiationBulk Payment Initiation
January 20215134945584232171463
December 2020501479545-2141730
November 2020585718720-2601065
October 2020656861828-2341879
September 2020574698738-3092783
August 20205807696792643831327
July 20206336397121632398646
June 2020603624633867454-
May 2020520521628755697-
April 2020434464617-1133-
March 2020416435506-108131
February 2020365365393-75831